Dependable Anytime & Anywhere

For so many years, government employees have been used to personally checking their records and applying for loans by visiting agency offices. Gone are these days. TGSI developed an upgrade to the online self-service terminal that provides convenience to all government employees.

Through this system, active members are able to apply for loans and to check on the status of existing loans, and review their membership account status. Pensioners can also renew active status through the kiosk application.

It allows its users to process these requests without any documentary requirements, in line with the current Administration’s drive to improve the efficiency when processing applications for all its agencies. From July 18, 2016, the system is able to support around 20,000 transactions daily from different networked kiosks positioned throughout the Metro and key locations in provinces throughout the country.

Being highly accessible and available, the system epitomizes the motto of being “dependable, anytime and anywhere”; providing a valuable service to those who dedicate their lives in service to our nation.