Your Partner for the New Normal

new-normalJune 1, 2020

The year 2020 has surely brought unexpected challenges to everyone in the country. From the eruption of Taal volcano in January, followed by the global pandemic Covid-19 that continues to ravage the whole world’s health and economy, our nation’s populace was unprepared for the devastation these two have wrought.

Amidst all this, Tsukiden has strived to continue providing its services despite the challenges we faced. During the initial ECQ period that began on March 16, a number of our engineers continued operations as permitted within the imposed restrictions, while others who are capable of working remotely received workstations to enable delivery of valuable services to our clients.

With everyone starting to adjust to the “New Normal”, TGSI continues to innovate with by offering new services to help businesses continue their own operations. As part of our product portfolio, we now offer assistance on how to ensure security for Work-from-Home setups based on our own successes. We are also developing solutions to help establishments cope with social distancing requirement.

Moreover, TGSI continues to explore other solutions for e-commerce (online marketplace, logistics), education (online learning portals), security (White-hacker services), and automation (4IR manufacturing tools, asset management).

All this shows the commitment of TGSI to deliver quality services to its partners. It highlights how TGSI and its invaluable members embody the Company’s corporate values on innovation and excellence regardless of the circumstances and situation we face.

Tsukiden Global Solutions Inc. … your PARTNER for the NEW NORMAL.